Union Discounts

Details of your Union Discounts

Union Moving Discounts
AirVan NorthAmerican, agent for NorthAmerican Van Lines proudly offers Union Discounts and savings to include the following:
  • Up to $50,000 of Full Replacement Coverage Protection, saving members up to $560 at the bottom line (all policies are also $0 deductible!)*
  • Exclusive Packing, Moving & Storage discounts **
  • Corporate Priority Service & Crew Assignment
  • Non Peak Rates, Year Round
  • Guaranteed Price Quotes
  • On-time delivery pledge of up to $125 per day.

* Full Replacement Value is provided at a minimum rate of $3.50 per pound of household goods being shipped.  The actual amount of coverage provided will vary based upon the actual weight of your shipment.  If coverage in excess of $50,000 is required for your relocation, additional protection must be purchased at a rate of $8.50 per $1,000 of coverage.
** AIrVan NorthAmerican is an interstate moving services provider. The Union Discounts being offerred are from the full tariff rate for interstate moving services within the contingent 48 states. Intrastate, Local, International, Hawaiian, and Alaskan moves are handled separately with the best possible rates being offerred.
*** On-time delivery pledge is only eligable on shipments weighing 5,000 lbs or more.

How the Program Works

Union Moving DiscountsBeing part of an association gives you access to exclusive Union Member Discounts and deals that are not offered to the general public.  Have you ever wondered why you should purchase services through the Union Plus program?  Buying as a group allows companies to offer exclusive discounts to Union Plus members and priority service levels that are typically reserved for corporations that purchase moving services in large numbers. By supporting The Union Plus Moving Discount Program, your single transaction becomes part of a much larger program that has moved thousands of Union members and their families across the country and around the world.

Qualify for your Union Moving Discount

AirVan NorthAmerican, agent for NorthAmerican Van Lines offer Union families discounts on professional packing, moving, and storage services. An industry leader with over 75 years in the household goods moving industry, AirVan NorthAmerican has been proudly offering Union Discounts to families for over 15 years.  Trust the professionals with your next relocation, and receive a free, no obligation estimate by calling or submitting your information to qualify for your Union Discount from AirVan NorthAmerican, agnet for NorthAmerican Van Lines.

Additional Union Discounts

Union Moving DiscountsThe success of Union Plus discount programs are largely based on active membership and participation.  The Union Plus brand brings exceptional value, savings, and quality service to deserving Union members and their familiies.  Since 1986, Union Privilege has been serving today's working families in their daily lives.  Looking to make other purchases?  Please check out some of the other Union Plus Discounts by clicking here.

Have questions about your Union Plus Discounts or Membership eligibility, please click here to obtain contact information for the Union Plus Headquarters.
Union Discounts

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Union Discounts

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