Moving Services

Moving with AirVan NorthAmerican

At AirVan North American, we offer a wide variety of moving services to ensure each of the unique needs of your move are covered. 

In addition to residential moves, we excel at corporate and office moves. From packing to transport to the safe arrival of the final box, AirVan NorthAmerican’s moving services take the stress out of your upcoming move – no matter what you’re moving or where you’re moving to.

Regardless of the distance, we will build you a custom moving package that meets your exact needs. 

Just because you are moving a short distance doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to manage throughout the move. From downsizing after decades in a single family home to moving into your very first home, local moves can involve moving large furniture sets, expensive artwork, and more. 

Intrastate moves are the “in-between” moves that occur when you move over 50 miles within the same state. These moves, which can involve moving to totally new cities, can include more sophisticated shipping and storage needs. 

Interstate moves require compliance with regulations that can change from state to state. Our team ensures that on top of excellent packing, shipping, and delivery services, you also understand your rights, liabilities, insurance, and all regulatory information when you cross state lines. 

We provide moving services across the entire globe. In addition to packing, shipping, storage and other standard moving services, we also provide support for customs documentation, VISA applications, immigration documentation and more.