Intrastate Moves

Moving Within Your State

The intrastate move is the “in between” of moves – you’re not quite moving locally, but you’re moving 50 miles away or further within your state. AirVan North American excels in intrastate moves. We operate nationwide, but our crews are locally operated and can get you from one end of your state to the other quickly, easily and with minimal hassle.

Intrastate Moving Services

Your move may not cross state lines, but that doesn’t mean your move is any less complex. Many intrastate moves involve moving to an entirely new city, getting kids situated in different school districts, and starting out fresh in an unfamiliar environment. 

We create custom intrastate moving packages to fit your needs. Maybe you feel more comfortable doing the packing and boxing on your own but need help loading, shipping, and delivering your goods to your new location. Or, perhaps you are juggling the relocation stress of an entire family and need support through the whole process from start to finish. 

We’ll help you understand liabilities and manage your costs so you have all the support you need from packing and storage to shipping heavy equipment like vehicles or boats.   

Moving this Summer?

You are not alone. Most Americans move during the summer months, which can make it an exceptionally busy time for moving companies across the country. At AirVan NorthAmerican, we work hard to plan ahead and ensure that all summer moves meet our high quality service standards.  Scheduling you move starts with you. Learn more about our summer process and the importance of starting early.

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Featured Moving Resource:
Understanding Intrastate Moving Quotes

Because most states regulate moving costs by shipping weight, you’ll find that when you move within the same state, most of your quotes will be very similar. Check out our resources to help you compare moving quotes and ensure you are getting the services you need. 

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