Top 5 States People Moved To During COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, it is just as important to understand what states are people moving to as it is used to track data on the virus. The way Americans migrate and the areas that they move to can greatly affect the resources of the states that are gaining or losing residents. Research conducted by the Pew Research Center has found that at least one-in-five adults have changed their address or know someone who has due to the pandemic. Specifically, 22% of the 10,000 individuals surveyed fit in that statistic. Therefore, with at least 76,120,000 individuals migrating this year, we’ll explore why people moved and the most moved to states in 2020

During the study, Pew Research Center asked clarifying questions to fully understand what has caused so many Americans to relocate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their research found that 23% of those surveyed moved after their college campus closed. Another 20% relocated because they wanted to be with family while the country shut down. At least 18% of those surveyed relocated due to financial reasons. Of those 18%, 8% moved due to job loss and the other 10% moved for another money-related reason.

How has the pandemic affected U.S. migrations?

People move for a variety of reasons, but no one in our lifetime has ever experienced a reason quite like the COVID-19 pandemic. The fear of the virus has pushed large numbers of individuals out of major cities. Many businesses had to close their doors during the shutdowns, which caused significant job losses. Family quickly became a priority as the fear of isolation began to rise.

Pew Research Center discovered the following during their research:

  • 61% of adults relocated to a family member’s home
  • 13% of adults relocated to a second home or vacation home
  • 9% of adults relocated to a permanent home (rental or purchase)
  • 7% of adults moved in with a friend
  • 7% of adults relocated to temporary housing (such as a hotel)

Of the 61% of adults who moved to a family members home, Pew Research Center found that: 41% moved in with their parents of in-laws, 16% moved in with a relative, and 4% moved in with their child.

During their study, Pew Research Center went one step further collected demographic information. Of those who moved during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 7% are Asian adults
  • 6% are Hispanic adults
  • 4% are Black adults
  • 2% are Casuasian adults
  • 9% are 18 to 29 years old
  • 3% are 30 to 49 years old
  • 2% are 50 to 64 years old
  • 1% are 65+ years old

Not all of the respondents chose to provide their demographic data. The data above represents those who did respond.

Aside from affecting how many people moved, the U.S migration patterns changed as a whole. As the number of cases continued to increase, the surge of individuals moving increased. Starting in May, 9% of migrators began to move. The number did drop to 8% in June. July and August had the highest percentage of migrators during the year. Both months had 13% of the moves, or 26% of 2020’s total moves. The number of moves finally started to drop to 10% in September and continued to decrease through the rest of the year.

As if the migration of Americans was not already shocking enough, the distance individuals were willing to move increased as well. According to the Census Bureau, 60% of Americans traditionally move within their county. In 2020, that changed completely. The average distance for a move in 2020 was 41.4 miles. In some states, that number did not even begin to capture the average distance. For example, the average move in Vermont was over 74 miles. To put that in perspective, Vermont is only 157 miles long and 90 miles wide.

What states are people moving to in 2020?

With over 76 million Americans choosing to move in 2020, the question must be asked - what states are people moving to? The most moved to states 2020:

  1. Idaho - 103%
  2. Vermont - 62%
  3. New Hampshire - 47%
  4. Delaware - 26%
  5. South Carolina - 25%

The percentage increase here considers how many people moved into the state compared to those who left it. Now, of the most moved to states 2020, the cities that were most moved to included:

  1. Boise, ID - 300% increase in population
  2. Simpsonville, SC - 94% increase in population

Data is not currently available on the cities and towns that were most populated in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Delaware.

The question remains, what made these states so popular for Americans to move to in 2020? A number of reasons could contribute to this decision to move. The most obvious would be the taxes. The aforementioned states do not have incredibly high tax rates, which can be favorable to many. Another logical reason would be many individuals have family in these states. A third possible reason could be the population density of these five states. These areas do not have multiple large cities. Rather, they have some metropolitan areas and many small towns. This means that migrating Americans would not have to worry about coming into contact with so many unknown individuals during their daily lives.

What states did people move from the most in 2020?

Now that we know the top states Americans moved to, we must know where these 76 million Americans moved from in 2020. The states that are in this list, however, are not shocking. The top five states Americans moved out of most in 2020 were:

  • California - 51%
  • New York - 50%
  • New Jersey - 49%
  • Illinois - 40%
  • Connecticut - 35%

The percentage decrease here considers how many people moved out of the state compared to those who moved to it.

In those states, the cities that saw the greatest decrease in population were:

  1. New York City, NY
  2. Oakland, CA
  3. San Francisco, CA
  4. Jersey City, NJ
  5. Cambridge, MA

It can be difficult to determine the exact reasons outside of the COVID-19 pandemic that would spark such a large migration from these states. However, these states are notorious for their high taxes, strict laws, and ever expanding cities. Furthermore, the states listed above have very high costs of living. When so many Americans lost their jobs and the future economy was not clear, it is easy to see why so many would flock from these internationally renowned cities and states.

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