Top 10 Destinations for Retirees

Top 10 Destinations for Retirees

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Where do you move to when you retire? Here are the top 10 destinations for retirees.

Retirement provides you with a new phase of life, including a new part of the country to live in, suited just for you.  Trust the professionals at AirVan NorthAmerican to handle the stress and ensure that your move stays on budget.  As you decide where you’d like to settle, consider these top destinations from

10. Deleware – lowest average property tax for states on the top 10 list and no sales tax – a double whammy.

9. Tennessee – with a very low cost of living, the culture of Nashville and great tax benefits, it’s easy to see why people are headed to Tennessee.

8. Nevada – you can’t beat the warm dry climate, and Henderson NV ranks third on SmartAssets list of cities where retirees go most.

7. Oregon – its ocean and mountain settings provide active retirees countless options to explore.

6.  Texas – retirees find a warm climate, no income taxes and several interesting cities to call their own – from Austin to Dallas.

5. North Carolina – low cost of living, living near the ocean, and several college towns attracts many retirees. Charlotte, NC ranked #8 overall for top destination cities for retirees.

4. Georgia – people age 65 and older can deduct up to $65,000 of retirement income each year – a huge advantage over other states.

3. South Carolina – beaches, climate, low property taxes and charming cities like Charleston are a continual draw.

2. Arizona -  four of the top 10 cities retirees where are here, including the No. 1 city on the list – Mesa, AZ.

1. Florida – more people flocked to Florida than the next 4 states combined and it is one of 7 states that doesn’t include individual income tax.

 Pick one of these destinations to start the next chapter of your life, then contact AirVan NorthAmerican to review the exclusive retiree discounts and benefits available.  


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