Checklist for Moving

Here's a helpful checklist for moving to ensure you're ready to roll!

Two months before your move

  • Contact AirVan NorthAmerican to schedule your FREE in-home estimate.
  • Determine who will be doing the packing – you, your moving company or a hybrid of the two. Your moving agent will discuss this with you.
  • During your estimate, be sure to show your agent everything that you need moved so your cost estimate is complete. Adding items later can increase the cost of your move.
  • Read the documentation provided to ensure you understand the extent of your mover’s liability.
  • When you have chosen a mover, sign the estimate/service order.
  • It’s time to officially book your move! Lock in your date and confirm your moving plan.

Six weeks before your move

  • Update your address with anyone who might need it – post office, insurance companies, credit cards, magazine subscriptions, accountants, physicians, etc.

Five weeks before your move

  • Clean out your closets, garage, attic and basement. Hold a garage sale or donate all items you won’t be taking with you.
  • Gather vital personal papers (medical and school records, birth certificates, passports, etc.) and consolidate them securely to take with you.

One month before your move

  • Check in with your moving agent and let them know if there are any changes in dates or items you’re planning to move.
  • Make sure your agent has the correct phone number(s) where you can be reached and the exact destination address.
  • If any extra stops along the moving route are required, be sure they are noted.
  • If a car, boat, RV or other large equipment is also being moved, now is the time to confirm if you need to get them to a loading site for transport.

Three weeks before your move

  • Prepare yourself, your friends and family members. Visit places in the area that everyone loves and, if you’re moving long distance, have a going away party.
  • If necessary, reserve hotel rooms and airline tickets for your long distance move.
  • If you’re driving to your new destination, be sure your car is ready for the trip.
  • Set aside any items you’ll need for your trip so they don’t get packed with other items to go in the moving van.
  • Arrange the date to have utilities disconnected in your current location and connected at your new location.
  • Prepare your vehicle and insurance records for transfer and notify your state’s motor vehicle bureau of your new address.
  • If necessary, reserve the elevator in your apartment building for pickup and/or delivery dates.
  • If you are shipping major appliances, contact an authorized technician to come to your location and prepare them to be moved.
  • If you’re bringing rugs and draperies, have them cleaned and leave them in their wrapping for easy loading and moving.
  • Obtain a written value appraisal of any antique items and do not clean wood furniture before moving (waxes and oils can make wood vulnerable to imprints from furniture pads).
  • Do not clean upholstered furniture before moving – dampness and resulting mold while in storage can damage the furniture.

Two weeks before your move

  • Time to tie up loose ends – empty your gym locker, return library books, pick up items you’ve previously had in storage, etc.
  • If you have pets, make travel plans for them and be sure they have any required health or vaccination certifications. This may mean a trip to the vet.

One week before your move

  • Transfer all bank accounts, withdraw items and close safety deposit boxes, if necessary
  • Cancel (or transfer) newspaper delivery.
  • Have enough medication on hand to last at least two weeks and have prescriptions forwarded to a pharmacy at your new location.
  • Make arrangements to pay for your move.

One day before your move

  • Set aside valuable items to carry with you including vital documents (including moving contracts), money and small items like jewelry.
  • Set aside and clearly mark any fragile items that need special attention. If anything should not be moved or packed, mark items appropriately.
  • Label items you want to unpack first when the truck arrives at your new home.
  • Unplug all electronic appliances 24 hours in advance of a move so they will be cool on moving day (computers, TVs, stereos, etc.)

Moving day

  • Be there when your goods are loaded then make a final tour of the house to make sure nothing is forgotten, utilities have been disconnected, windows are closed, etc.
  • Confirm that the van driver has your contact information and the correct destination address.
  • Relax and let the professionals at North American do the rest!

Delivery day

  • Be there to accept delivery, if at all possible. If you cannot be present, you must authorize an adult representative to accept delivery.
  • Check everything as it’s unloaded and note any change in condition. Direct the crew to place boxes and furnishings in the rooms they belong.


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