How to Pack

Packing for the Big Move

  • Make sure you have ample supplies including a variety of strong boxes, tissue paper, packing paper, PVC tape, permanent markers and a utility knife or sharp scissors. 
  • Make a schedule and be sure you’re all packed and ready for loading the evening before moving day.
  • Pack items from the basement, garage and/or attic first. These are typically items that won’t be needed immediately.
  • Pack room-by-room and designate work areas in each room.
  • Sort full boxes by light, medium and heavy. Limit your heavy boxes to no more than 50 lbs.
  • Clearly label all boxes and items.
  • Empty drawers of any items that could break, spill or puncture/damage other items.
  • Keep all parts and pairs together. Put hardware in bags and tape to its corresponding item.
  • Pack small, fragile items separately or a few together in small boxes cushioned with paper. Place small boxes in a single large box, filling in spaces with paper.
  • Clearly mark the boxes you need to unpack first when you reach your destination.
  • If AirVan NorthAmerican is assisting you with your move, there are a few things NOT to put in the moving truck:
    • Flammable liquids like nail polish remover, paint, paint thinner, gasoline, lighter fluid, etc.
    • Propane cylinders, oxygen bottles and automotive repair and maintenance chemicals.
    • Fireworks or combustibles/explosives
    • Firearms
    • Food in glass jars/perishable items
    • Prescription drugs needed for immediate use
    • Irreplaceable items or documents (family photos, cash, personal papers, moving documents)


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