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Transporting Your Vehicle

Aside from your home, your car is likely one of the most expensive things you own. That’s why we take shipping your vehicle seriously.

At AirVan North American, we have car shipping options that work with your timeline, budget and unique needs. From open auto trailers, to secure enclosed trailers and even custom trailers for specialized vehicles, our team has the experience and equipment necessary to move your vehicle wherever you need it to go.  Your vehicle is insured up to $100,000 in damage, and ships door to door. By keeping your car on the same truck with the same driver from beginning to end, we keep your car safe and secure.

Understanding Your Auto Transport Quote

Vehicle transportation can get tricky because unlike regular moving services, there is no national or state regulation.  For you, that means if you get an auto transport quote that is too good to be true, it probably is. In many cases, if you go with the cheapest option, you can find yourself waiting 10 weeks or more for your car to be shipped to your new destination since some companies wait to collect multiple cars heading in the same general direction before shipping.   We understand that when you are dealing with a move, the last thing you want to do is be stranded in your new destination or be forced to acquire additional rental car fees. We work hard to honor your auto transport timeline and your shipping preferences. In the very rare case where we do run late, we’ll cover the rental costs for you.  

Transporting Heavy Equipment, Boats & RVs

Whether you’ve got a boat, RV, ATV or watersports equipment for play or tractors and other heavy equipment for work, AirVan North American can get your toys and tools where they need to go.

We make sure your equipment and vehicles are transported in the appropriate vehicle to handle their size and weight. We keep it safe and we get it to your final destination so it’s ready for you to use as soon as you are reunited.


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